Programs for Learning

Early Learners I: AGES 2-3 YEARS

Children continue to develop as their curiosity grows. We provide opportunities for individuality and independence. The curriculum is infused with self-selected activities to further language, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Our predictable routines will help your early learners gain confidence in their environment and resiliency. A variety of brief structured learning opportunities are also integrated in to each day. Toilet training is supported and taught as needed in this program. Staff to child ratio 1:6

  • Early math and early literacy skills are developing
  • Children learn to follow daily routines
  • Learning centers are staged for exploration
  • Stories, songs, and finger-plays build vocabulary
  • Creative arts & dramatic play
  • Movement activities to build listening skills
  • Supported socialization with positive role models
  • Limitless curiosity about their environment is explored
  • Natural desire to push boundaries is nurtured and used as teachable moments
  • Tactile & sensory exploration

Early Learners II: AGES 3-4 YEARS

Our Early Learners II are getting ready to set the stage for literacy development, conflict resolution, and early mathematical concepts. Critical thinking and problem solving develop as children express themselves and learn about the world around them. Math skills such as counting, patterns, and number recognition are also beginning to come into focus. Staff to child ratio 1:8

  • Interest based learning and child directed inquiry
  • Structured routines with larger blocks of time for focused learning and discovery
  • Music and Stories to promote imaginative play
  • Learning centers for literacy, math, science, and social/emotional skills
  • Fine motor development and pre-writing activities
  • Gross motor development & healthy habits
  • Cooperative play in small groups
  • Creative arts and dramatic play

Pre-kindergarten: AGES 4-5+ YEARS

Our Kindergarten Readiness children are prepped for a formal kindergarten program. Their enthusiasm for learning and discovery is captured in a structured, yet holistic program that fully develops their readiness for the next stage. This program includes character development, global awareness, and service learning. Staff to child ratio 1:8

  • Engaging small & large group activities targeted to socialize Pre-K learners
  • Music & movement activities center children’s focus, enhance rhythm, improve motor coordination
  • Children are introduced to pre-reading concepts, demonstrating comprehension
  • Phonics, writing, and math skills continue to develop
  • Movement activities promote gross motor development & healthy habits
  • Character education and conflict resolution activities
  • Storytelling and dramatic play continue to increase literacy
  • Meaningful service learning projects build sense of community

Typical Daily Schedule

  • 7:00 Choice Time
  • 8:15 Daily Meeting – (hygiene/toileting)
  • 8:30 Breakfast
  • 9:00 Outside Play/Games (toileting)
  • 10:30 Circle Time – Music & Movement
  • 10:50 Morning Table Work & Centers
  • 11:40 Lunch (hygiene/toileting)
    • 12:15 Good-bye Morning Program Friends
  • 12:15 Set-up Rest Mats & Bedding
  • 12:40 Story Time (hygiene/toileting)
  • 12:45 Rest Time for Full-Day Friends (2 hours)
    • 1:30 Arrival of Afternoon Program Friends (hygiene)
    • 2:00 Quiet Activities/Enrichment Time
  • 2:40 End of Rest Time (hygiene/toileting)
  • 3:00 PM Snack Outside
  • 3:15 Outside Play/Games/Gardening
  • 4:45 Circle Time-Music, Movement, & Mindfulness Activity (hygiene/toileting)
  • 5:00 Choice Time
  • 5:30 Good Bye – Center Closes